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Midland Research Center LLC

Midland Research Center LLC

P.O. Box 410

202 Alice Avenue

Marble, Minnesota 55764, U.S.A.

Marble, Minnesota 55764, U.S.A.

e-mail: dlearmon@2z.net

Telephone: 1-218-247-3179



Midland Research Center


Mailing address:

Laboratory and Shipping Address:

Midland Research Center LLC

Midland Research Center LLC

P.O. Box 410

202 Alice Avenue

Marble, Minnesota 55764 U.S.A.

Marble, Minnesota 55764, U.S.A.

e-mail: dlearmon@2z.net

Telephone: 1-218-247-3179



Midland Research Center LLC is a well established minerals testing, research and process development laboratory. Located in Minnesota on the Mesabi Iron Range, our personnel have a strong record of providing testing, research, and development services to the global minerals industry including

Testing and analysis to assist new projects advance from concept to commercial

Research and testing services that assist new and existing mineral producers improve their flowsheets and processes or expand their product offerings

Drill core and other sample processing, analysis and testing services that supplement or provide quality control for operating mineral producers

Research and development of new mineral or improved production techniques

Midland Research Center LLC has bench and laboratory-scale testing equipment, experienced personnel and a record of successful accomplishments that extends throughout the North American and global minerals industry. Building on experience with major operating and developing mining companies and across many minerals, MRC is an independent facility that provides testing and research services to exploration, development, and operating companies locally and worldwide.

Midland Research Center LLC personnel have substantial experience in testing and process development in iron ore and other ferrous minerals, non-ferrous metallic minerals, and industrial minerals. MRC serves small and large projects, from short term projects or single samples to long term and extensive projects. The laboratory's equipment and personnel perform most tasks related to exploration drill core processing, bench and laboratory scale testing, sample blending, development of quality control samples, testing and development of new techniques, and other assignments that are part of the client's programs. A partial listing of capabilities and services provided by Midland Research Center is provided in this brochure. If there is a need that involves minerals but is not listed, please contact us - we may already have experience or we can develop an approach with you. Midland Research Center LLC strives to deliver prompt, high quality service to clients by utilizing its facility, equipment, and skilled, experienced personnel.

Midland Research Center

Mineral Processing and Testing Capabilities

Midland Research Center's facility can handle projects of various sizes. This includes testing of small single samples and extends to much larger mineral processing services that can include crushing, grinding, screening/classification, flotation, balling, settling or elutriation, and other sample or process testing desired by the client. Midland is equipped to provide specialized testing using in-house equipment, and is also able to perform sample preparation and to support testwork that may be performed by others. MRC can accommodate temporary storage of incoming materials for testing, such as drill core, mine, plant, or other larger samples, as well as smaller samples such as assay sample pulps, pilot plant test products, and operational quality control samples. Being located in a major mining area, transportation and other infrastructure facilitates are available to provide good service to the client.

Drill Core Processing

Midland Research Center provides complete services for processing drill core or other exploration samples:

• Individual drill core or field samples

Davis Tube testing





Specific gravity








Core sample compositing


Core crushing

Core sample screening


Sample pulverizing

Loss on ignition



• Sample preparation for further testing

Sample Testing and Characterization

The results of sample testing and material characterization are critical in understanding and developing mineral resources, mine planning, process development, process improvement, and in production operations. Midland Research Center LLC is well equipped to perform the sample testing and characterization needed for the minerals industry, including:

Magnetite, hematite, other mineral ores

Davis Tube tests

Particle size distribution, size structure

Wet or dry bulk density

Bond ball mill work index

Quality testing as a third party

Abrasion testing and tumble resistance, ISO 3271

Green ball wet and dry drop tests

Liberation grinding tests

Preparation of quality control and check samples

Heavy liquid specific gravity separation tests

Specific gravity

Bond rod mill work index

Particle crushing strength

Green balling/batch balling

Pellet compression tests

Moisture content


Blaine surface area

High-temperature heating

• Particle degradation tumble testing

Compression tests

Laboratory-scale Testing

Understanding mineral behavior is critical to success in moving minerals through processing to produce a concentrate or other commercial product, to improve product grades, to improve recovery of valuable minerals, and to improve process efficiency. Midland Research Center offers the following examples of laboratory-scale testing to understand mineral behavior, to provide data for engineering studies, and lead to mine and process improvement:

Ball mill testing

Rod mill testing

Mixing and blending


Panning separation

Shaking table separation

Heavy liquid separation

Vacuum filtration testing



Muffle furnaces

Grinding efficiency

Green balling


Wet magnetic separation

• Custom batch crushing or grinding

Other Testing and Development Services and Capabilities

The breadth and technical needs of the minerals industry also includes testing, research, and development services beyond those already listed and beyond standard flowsheets. The capabilities of Midland Research Center extend into many of those areas. Examples include:

Testing and development of innovative equipment or process technologies

Developing and executing programs for reconciling mine to mill differences

Providing testing services as an independent third party

Collaborative testing, research, and development

Testing and development for new or niche products

Developing and executing programs to reanalyze historical samples and data

Providing alternative approaches to conventional flowsheets

Assistance to and support of client testing and development

Midland Research Center

Management and Professional Qualifications

Midland Research Center LLC personnel are able to provide project management, supervision, and engineering, from single results for individual tests through to major project programs and reports.

Midland Research Center LLC maintains independence and objectivity in client projects while striving to attain client objectives. Projects are typically performed on a client- confidential basis with appropriate protections.

Midland Research Center’s professional personnel have extensive qualifications:

Mining, mineral processing, and metallurgical engineering qualifications

Senior staff have extensive national and international management and technical experience

Technical staff hold memberships in professional organizations in the United States, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere, including

O Society of Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration, Registered Professional O Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy, and Petroleum

O Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy O Instituto de Ingenieros de Minas de Chile

O Society of Economic Geologists, and others

Multiple professional registrations

Midland Research Center LLC uses well-established industry-standard procedures for most iron ore and other minerals work. In situations where client preferences or the nature of testing requires modification of existing procedures or development of new procedures, Midland has the capability and flexibility to do so where it is appropriate and technically justifiable. Quality control/quality assurance procedures and practices generally adhere to normal industry practices, although procedures and practices may also be tailored to client preferences or project-specific procedures where needed or requested due to unique or unusual nature of a specific research or testing project, while not comprising the integrity of results and conclusions.

Midland Research Center's personnel have been involved as a significant element in the advance of many projects toward commercial operations or where clients seek to improve performance. Governmental units or others needing or desiring minerals-related

laboratory services may also have test work done at Midland Research Center LLC. Confidentiality of client data is a priority at Midland Research Center and Midland honors client requests to keep client and project information and test results confidential unless there is specific client permission to release information.

Midland Research Center LLC is flexible and can structure projects to best suit and match the needs and objectives of the client with Midland's capabilities. Midland Research Center may have the major role in testing or development work for a project. At other times, such as when an engineering or consulting firm, mining industry service provider or specialist, or other firm has the leading project role, collaboration of Midland with the other firms can be arranged as part of the total project structure. For example, Midland Research Center collaborates with Metcom Technologies Inc., which focuses on improving the functional process performance of mineral grinding and classification systems, and with Northeast Technical Services (NTS) and Pace Analytical, both of which provide testing and other services that complement services provided by Midland Research Center and thereby provide a broad set of technical services to and for the exploration, mining, mineral, and mineral processing industry. While many projects use the experience and capabilities already at Midland, if a specific item of non-Midland equipment is needed, arrangements for third party equipment can be made for integration into the Midland Research Center laboratory equipment and testing configuration.


If you are involved in mineral exploration, testing of minerals samples, engineering of mineral process facilities or flowsheets, operating a mine or mineral processing plant, process development or improvement for new or existing mineral processing facilities, quality control of exploration or other activities and samples, or evaluating how new mineral processing equipment or process changes could improve your operation, please contact us to discuss your objectives, ideas, and needs:

Mailing address:

Laboratory and Shipping Address:

Midland Research Center LLC

Midland Research Center LLC

P.O. Box 410

202 Alice Avenue

Marble, Minnesota 55764, U.S.A.

Marble, Minnesota 55764, U.S.A.

e-mail: dlearmon@2z.net

Telephone: 1-218-247-3179